Volunteer Role Descriptions

Volunteers typically work on teams of six. Each team has one Captain, who is an experienced volunteer.
The Captain provides instruction and guidance to the rest of the team.

Time Control Marshal

Located at a stage start or finish, you’ll be working with teams to get them in place to run a stage. Duties include:

  • Checking cars into the stage
  • Running the start countdown
  • Receive cars as they finish a stage, giving teams their stage times

Service Marshal

Teams are given Service breaks during the event to work on their cars. Working in the service park, you can expect to:

  • Check cars in and out of the Service Park and Refuel locations
  • Help run the Parc Expose car show
  • Hang out with the teams and their crews
  • Set up and run the final check in at the podium

Spectator Marshal

Spectator Marshals get a front row seat to the best view in the event! Located at a designated spectator location, marshals here are responsible for:

  • Helping spectators identify where they can watch
  • Monitoring for and reporting any unsafe behaviour
  • Answering questions about vehicles or event schedule

Road Closure Marshal

This is usually a solo role (unless you bring a friend). Road Closure positions are rare, so we recommend choosing more than Road Closure as a role you’re interested in working. This role involves:

  • Inform road or trail users of road closure hours
  • Park your vehicle across road or trail opening to restrict vehicle access during road closure hours
  • Answer questions about the event
  • Communicate with other event workers as requested.


All volunteers are provided a classroom style orientation before the event, and on-site training during.

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